Authors, Rich and Sue Moeller have been married since 1982 and reside in the surrounding suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

They have struggled for many years due to the impact of multiple addictions on their entire family. Rich was bound in the past by the chains of these addictions to alcohol, gambling and prescription pain medicines. Since finding God and the power of the Holy Spirit, the chains have been broken and Rich has experienced a freedom like never before.

He desires to help others who are suffer­ing from addictions in similar circum­stances. He feels especially drawn to those who are homeless, and is devoted to helping others in need whenever possible. Rich and Sue hold lead roles in their home church as Deacon and Outreach Coordinator, respec­tively. They are committed to helping grow this new, refreshing non-denominational, Bible-based ministry. Rich is a retired con­struction worker/maintenance mechanic. Sue currently works as an IT Service Delivery Manager.

Called By God

Rich and Sue have felt called by God to reach out to many by sharing their life stories and their path to Jesus Christ in writing this book. They have been saved by grace through faith and desire to also share this wonderful gift with the world.

Together they have written a book titled It’s All Good! A Story about Faith, Family and Living With and Surviving Tough Addictions. It is currently available on in print and Kindle formats. They enjoy meeting new people and exchanging faith-based stories. Sue authors a blog here at where she will continue to share real life stories.

Navigated by the Holy Spirit