Shine His light – Answer His call!

It is plain for us to see that whenever we let God’s light shine inside us through the Holy Spirit, amazing things can happen. Through one outreach effort to help a homeless man, we have been Divinely diverted to a nursing and rehabilitation facility. This facility has provided us many encounters with residents there resulting in new friendships. Read this inspiring story to see one example of how God uses us to let His love flow, multiply and spread when we are willing to answer His call and open the door to allow Him to bless others.

My husband recently felt called by God to help a homeless man in our area whom he had befriended several years ago. This man was in the hospital for the 5th time in a year, and during his last hospital stay my husband was able to work diligently to get him into a rehabilitation center upon release. I won’t go into too many details about this man in today’s blog post, but do promise to share his story in an upcoming post. Be sure to watch for future posts, as his story and personal testimony of how God has turned his life around is an amazing one.

Shortly after this homeless man was moved into the Rehabilitation Center, it became obvious to me that God had a much greater plan and purpose for bringing us there. We began to meet other residents of the Rehabilitation Center, listening to their stories, or talking to them one-on-one. My husband began to routinely visit many of them. During the daytime hours most residents are taken from their individual rooms to an activity/dining area, where they spend the day. As we began to make routine visits a few times a week, it was so amazing to see the pleasant looks on many of the residents’ faces when my husband would walk into the activity room and begin to talk with them. He definitely is a people-person and I could tell the residents were beginning to grow very fond of his visits.

There was one particular woman who would never smile, nor did she show any expressions on her face. Instead, she would sit still, not wanting to respond to us on our first several visits. My husband continued to talk with her on each visit even though there was no response. She continually had a sad look about her, seeming determined to hide her expressions from the world around her. On one visit, my husband kept asking her to smile for him, saying he would love to see her smile, and he repeated this several times to her. After talking with her for a few minutes, all of a sudden, she turned her head up and looked at him and gave him a huge smile from ear to ear. We were all amazed by this response and this special moment, knowing that he had in some small way actually brightened her day. Even the staff was very surprised to see that he was successful in unmasking her smile. On our most recent visit just the other day, she actually stood up from her wheelchair extending her arm to reach out to my husband. He took her hand concerned about her balance. A member of the staff told us that this response meant she wanted to go for a walk. We were told that she was able to walk with assistance, so I took her other hand as she began to walk. We walked with her down the hallway and she seemed very content. She gave us several smiles that day throughout our walk down the hallway and our visit with her. It’s so wonderful to see what a kind word and cheerful greeting can do for those who have become depressed, withdrawn, or perhaps even brokenhearted.

There’s a song we hear on the radio often containing this lyric: “God put a million, million doors in the world for his love to walk through, one of those doors is you.” (“With Every Act of Love” by Jason Gray)  Everyone has a gift of love to give, and a heart with which to carry and reflect God’s light out to the world.

I encourage you to look around as you go through your day. Is there someone you know or pass by who could use a token of kindness from you today? Why not let God use you to spread His light to touch and bless some hearts today?

Colossians 3:12 (NIV)  “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.”

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