Armour of God

Put on the Spiritual Armor of God

Learn to put on the whole armor of God in order to fight off the evil attacks of the devil. Read on to hear what we have learned about suiting up with our spiritual tools. Lately it seems there have been attacks coming at us from multiple directions and in several different ways. These are not physical attacks that I write about, but instead, spiritual attacks in which the devil takes on different forms to cause a battle in our minds, or lead us backwards in our spiritual growth and thinking. When we experience these attacks of the mind, it can seem an overwhelming struggle to overcome them. In efforts to take control of our minds, the devil will tempt us with things we often find hard to resist. We seem to be too weak to fight these battles, and many times may not even recognize or realize these attacks are from the devil and his evil forces. Every day we must be reminded that when faced with such attacks, all we need to do is to simply stand in our faith and put on the spiritual armor of God -we should always be prepared (or suited up) to be able to use the tools that our Heavenly Father has provided for us.

My faith in God is strong and I can now feel the Holy Spirit guiding me on most every day. Some days lately, however, there have been attacks from what I refer to as “the evil forces.” I recognize them all as attacks from the devil (Satan), who can take on many various forms. Sometimes the attacks show up in the form of questioning of my actions by friends, co-workers and even family members. At times they will question what I’m doing and want to know why I am doing it. Sometimes the attacks come from my own conscious mind when I lack confidence to complete the path I’ve started on a given day. I begin to get negative thoughts and to doubt my capabilities. These negative thoughts begin to pop up in my mind showing up suddenly and can be very abrupt. As soon as I recognize them, I begin to pray that they will leave, and turn my focus on Jesus and God’s word. Finding some quiet time to read and meditate on Bible scriptures seems to immediately subdue them.

Sometimes I may not immediately recognize these negative thoughts, but then will find myself listening to a Christian Bible teaching show, reading a scripture in the Bible, or attending our home church Bible study, and the light bulb in my head will illuminate to make everything suddenly crystal clear again. I believe these are Divine diversions where God is shining the light for me to see and using the Holy Spirit to pull me closer to Him, even though I may not be consciously thinking about it. He is teaching me to put on the full armor which He has provided for us. I believe He does this with all of us. As I look back, I feel that he always has, but I did not recognize his presence before I became a new creation in Jesus Christ, never realizing He was there fighting with and for me all along.

We have been experiencing attacks against our beliefs, against the plans God has for us, and even against some family and friend relationships in the past several months. The Holy Spirit has Divinely diverted us from our instinctive fleshly reactions to these attacks by reminding us repeatedly about the whole armor of God.  See Ephesians 6:11-18 in the Bible

In response to the attacks, we have noticed the Holy Spirit providing Divine diversions for us to help send God’s message to us about putting on His armor. Some examples of our recent Divine diversions that have amazed us are listed here:

  • We have had a series of Bible study teachings this past month at our home church on Ephesians 6 and putting on the armor of God. If you are unfamiliar with this Chapter, I encourage you to read about this wonderful suit that God provides for us, and just how easily we can use it if we stand with him in faith. His armor consists of:
    • The Girt (or belt) of Truth
    • The Breastplate of Righteousness
    • The Footwear to fit our feet with the readiness of the gospel of peace
    • The Shield of faith
    • The Helmet of Salvation
    • The Sword of the Spirit
    • Prayer
  • While watching a movie a couple weeks ago the characters discussed standing in your faith and letting God’s truth fight the battles for you.
  • We have been flicking the channels on the TV and just at the right moment we stopped to hear a woman saying “You have to put on the whole armor of God” Then she explained the sword is the Word of God.
  • I watched a Joyce Meyer episode this week, in which she stressed the importance of knowing who you are in Christ, warning that the enemy always attacks our identity and we should be ready for his battles.

The devil does not like to see new Christians dedicating their lives to God. When he sees someone new putting Jesus at the center their life, he will begin to use any means to win them back. He wants to keep us from the eternal gift of life that God has for us, and tempt us into following him and all his evil ways. He will attack our righteousness and the things of God in our lives in any way he can.He will manipulate all who succumb to his tactics and lies in order to keep them from God’s truth. God teaches us how to think, and if we pray and ask him, he also will give us discernment so we can recognize the devil’s attempts to take hold of our minds. Using scripture and God’s word helps us ward off the negative thinking the devil tries to plant in our minds.

If you have been feeling similar spiritual attacks, we hope this blog post will help you recognize them simply as tactics of the devil trying to keep you from Jesus. We urge you to learn more about the whole armor of God, pray for God to help you, have faith and stand with Him. You will soon experience the victory in overcoming the enemy! It is amazing how God has positioned us to have this victory and once you have learned how to suit up, you can confidently stand strong with God having authority over the devil through all the days to come.

Put on the armor of God and be blessed on purpose today!

PS: Check it out: Joyce Meyer has a great resource available free online entitled “Knowing Who I Am In Christ” Here is the link for those who would like to check it out or download it.

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