Blessed to be Chosen

In our weekly travels, we have met and come to know several local homeless friends, whom we routinely try to bless by providing a meal or a few hours of shelter from the weather. Even though it can be tough to find them at times, my husband feels the need to check on them to be sure they are OK during extreme temperatures. We feel God has chosen us to look after them and continue to reach out to others like them wherever we travel. We feel blessed to be chosen by God to be hands and feet on the ground doing these works. Read on to see how God turned the tables to instead bless us on one such outreach adventure.

My husband went looking for one particular friend who sleeps in his van outside of a local church building. When we arrived, he was not in his car. We noticed lights were on inside the church and figured they must be having a service, so we decided to venture inside to see if our friend was there. When we walked into the church sanctuary, we immediately realized the Pastor was speaking Spanish. We apologized for interrupting the service and were not going to stay since it was a Spanish service, but just then young couple rushed over to greet us. They were very friendly and welcomed us to the service. The young man suggested we sit with them, offering to translate for us. We sat down and the Pastor resumed the service. What a blessing it turned out to be for us and the Pastor as well. The message was truly one we felt was meant for us to hear. The Pastor told a story of how he was chosen to become a Pastor, but at first, didn’t really feel confident that he would be an effective Pastor. He told us about his journey and how he eventually came to know that pastoring was what he must do. He went on to point out examples from the Bible illustrating how God chose ordinary people who have a strong faith in Him. He told the story of the woman who only had a small amount of flour and oil – just enough to make one meal for herself and her son, but after being asked and providing bread for Elijah, she found the flour and oil was continually there to make more, as she trusted in God to provide what was needed. He told the story of Noah, and how he was asked by God to build an ark, how he built it in faith, while others did not believe. Instead they thought Noah was crazy, until after 120 years of mercy, the rains came and the others came knocking at the ark, but it was too late – God had closed the door on the ark.

Since the days of the ark, there have again been many, many years of God’s mercy for those who do not believe. Years that will come to an end one day. Those of us who know the truth, must reach out and show love, telling all we can about the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ. We must be prepared when the day comes. Even though this message was coming to us in Spanish, which we do not speak or understand, God provided a translator for us and it was perfectly clear. His message reassured us that being called to do God’s work may seem a bit overwhelming, too challenging or not the right fit for us at first, but we must remember that we were chosen for God’s specific plan due to our strong faith in Him. The Pastor also was clear in stressing if you are so blessed to be chosen by God to do a work, you must not turn your back and walk away. For if you submit yourself to Him and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you, God will certainly provide for you all the days of your life. It is a blessing and an honor to be an ordinary person called to do extraordinary work for His glory.


Feeling blessed!


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