Blessings in Disguise

We never know just when God will use us for his glory as he moves us around in our daily travels. Have you experienced blessings in disguise? Read on to hear of one such blessing for children in our community. Today’s post is inspired by an event that happened earlier this year. As the Thanksgiving holiday is approaching, plans for this season’s outreach food drive have brought memories to light from an amazing Divine diversion this past Spring.


My husband and I were at church one Sunday morning finishing up on the equipment setup just before service was about to begin. He glanced out the window to see a car had pulled into the church parking lot with a flat tire. A woman and young girl stepped out from the car. My husband went out to see if he could assist them with the flat tire. Since the weather was a bit cold, he suggested that they come inside to stay warm and listen to the service while they waited. When they came into the sanctuary, I greeted them as new visitors, giving them a welcome card to fill out. They filled out the card, but were adamant that they could not stay for the services since they were on the way to take the young teen to work when they  experienced the flat tire, and would have to get her there as soon as possible.


Once the tire was changed, they were on their way. They had not returned to our church for the next upcoming weeks, leading me to believe we might not hear from them again. I do always continue, however, to keep an email listing of all visitors who attend our church services, and include them on our weekly mailing list to publish our service times and upcoming events.


Several months later, our church outreach group was planning to assist a local community organization with donating candy and filling eggs for their annual Easter Egg hunt. We made a commitment to assist them, but it seemed most of the group that typically responds to assist with outreach events, had prior commitments and would not be able to attend. There were only 3 definite commitments for assistance that day. This was concerning to me and I prayed one evening 3 days prior to the event that God would provide assistance and some schedules would free up so we could have help available to represent our church in a good way. The very next day I received an email from a Girl Scout troop leader who said her troop was looking for an opportunity to do outreach and they wanted to assist us with this event if it wasn’t too late to respond. She had seen my email requesting assistance on the weekly church events communication. She told me that she, too, had prayed to God for this to be an outreach event the girls could participate in for their benefit as well. It turns out that she is the person who had the flat tire that day and pulled off the road into our church parking lot. I was amazed at this Divine diversion that wasn’t obvious to us on that first day, but now had provided us a whole group of Girl Scouts to assist us with this event! All because of a flat tire! How blessed were we to show up to the community center with candy donations and 23 people to represent our church and assist, thanks to our Lord’s Divine diversion and this wonderful Girl Scout troop?! The troop leader has also told us to keep them informed of any upcoming events where they can partner with us to be assistance in the community. We are currently collecting for our fall food drive to help this community center and we will reach out to them to assist with sorting and packing of food donation bags for the center.


God is always orchestrating things so perfectly unbeknownst to us. He plans things at times so far in advance, that it is hard to wrap our minds around this grand scale and how amazingly He works His magic every day! We are honored to be called by Him on any given day, and pray daily for God to continue to use us to assist in partnering with others and coming together for His glory! Have you had such a Divine diversion where God has used you for his glory? Why not share it here in the comments to inspire and encourage others today.

Have a blessed day everyone!

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