Do You Believe in “Divine Diversions?”

Hi I’m Sue – thanks for visiting our blog! We will be sharing experiences where we have been called away from our daily routines and find there was a Greater plan for us that day. Looking back on many of our days, we often can see just how the Holy Spirit guides us to be blessed, or be a blessing to someone else, by diverting us from a planned activity or schedule. I like to call these “Divine Diversions.” Please check out our “About Us” page for more information about my husband and me, and why we feel called to share these stories.

This very first Divine Diversion I’m sharing tonight happened about 2 weeks ago when we had stopped by to visit one of our homeless friends who was admitted to a Rehabilitation Center.

While we were walking in the door, my phone rang and it was a work call which I had to take, so I headed to the lobby area where I could sit and address the call. During the time I was on the call, my husband went looking and found our friend in the Therapy room. There he met an amazing woman of faith. The two of them shared their testimonies, being very encouraged by each others’ stories, because they both have experienced traumatic brain injuries. I was just finishing up my phone call, when my husband came looking for me and said “Sue, you have to meet this woman of faith and listen to her testimony!” I could tell from the moment I met her she was a very spiritual and inspiring woman. I felt our meeting was obviously a Divine Diversion, and right there in the therapy room, a small group of us held our own little prayer and worship service.

She took us to her room to meet the woman who was in the bed next to her at the Rehabilitation Center (also a woman of faith). She shared her testimony as well about how the two of them prayed together asking God to bring her daughter back to see her – a daughter she hadn’t seen for more than 4 years. Their prayer was answered by our amazing God and her daughter came to visit with her soon afterwards. This woman has been so blessed by the answered prayers, which was apparent by her calm and peaceful nature, as well as the huge, smile on her face.

We all felt the presence of the Holy Spirit knowing it was God who was responsible for bringing us together on this day. Our newfound friend told us she is new to the area and looking for a church. We were so happy to share the news of how God led us to Changed Lives Church and how wonderful and sincerely dedicated to Christ our Pastors and church members are in their every-day lives! We hope to see her at our church one day soon if it’s God’s will that she join our service, even if just for a visit. We feel privileged just to know her and be able to exchange our contact information.

Thanks for reading my post…let me know if you agree that our days are often navigated by the Holy Spirit. As for me, I’m so glad you were Divinely diverted today and ended up visiting our blog!

Feeling Blessed! … Sue

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