Do You Need to Forgive? Don’t Delay!

We have all been hurt, or have hurt someone in our past, whether intentional or not. When these feelings or events are swept under the carpet, they begin to fester and mushroom into an ugly situation for many people resulting in more hurt, blame and separation, distancing relationships. If there is someone who has been hurt by you in your past in some way, please read on for this inspiring story that proves God is watching over us and wants us to forgive and show love in order to break us free from burdens that can weigh us down for months and years if we let them. Do you need to forgive? Don’t Delay!

We had gone on a quick shopping trip to pick-up a few items at a local grocery store, and while there, I reminded my husband that I needed to be quick in order to return to my desk, as I was only on a lunch break at the time. God had other plans for us that afternoon, Divinely diverting us from our path. As we were leaving the store to head to the car, my husband overheard a woman say “God Bless You” to someone who was collecting money for a good cause. He immediately sparked a conversation with her knowing she was a woman of faith. They began talking about their faith and Jesus as they walked towards our car. The conversation soon turned, when she asked about our family and church life. There had been some distance in a relationship over the past few months due to some hurtful things that were said. I am not even sure the hurtful words were realized as they were being spoken, but even so, they were hurtful and placed a wedge in between us for some time.

This woman was very spiritual and prayed with us over the situation at our car, even as the weather changed and it began to drizzle. We took a bit of shelter under the open hatch behind our car and continued to talk for over an hour! She was very adamant that we should be first to reach out to forgive and put this behind us to mend the relationship. As my husband and I discussed opinions, she pointed out that all of that really didn’t matter. The only thing that is important is that God wants us to forgive and mend the relationships along the way. She said we didn’t need to elaborate, only to pray to God, give this burden up to Him, take the initiative to make contact, and say “I’m sorry.” She said trust God… it would be enough.

She quoted scripture from Matthew 6:14 & 15: (Bible, King James Version) “For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” She stressed how important it was to do this right away and not delay. We exchanged phone numbers and vowed to keep in touch.

As we left the parking lot that day we were feeling blessed. We were a bit anxious about how those we needed to apologize to and forgive would respond when we approached them. As it turned out, the response was wonderful! This was such a huge blessing to us indeed, as all of us were asking for forgiveness and apologizing. This certainly has mended the relationships in a great way and it provided us with opportunities to say some things we may never have exchanged if it weren’t for this Divine Diversion in the parking lot of our grocery store! We are ever grateful to this woman, who allowed God to use her to bless us on that day. She has become our new friend and we are honored that God chose her to intervene in our lives. We now know just how important it is to be mindful of hurting others, asking for forgiveness and forgiving. There is such a peace that comes with putting a burden like this behind you.

Are you longing for peace in a situation such as this? If so, please don’t delay – pray for God to help you, contact those who have become distant and say “I’m Sorry” – it’s never too late to mend those relationships and open the door to God’s love. Why not pick-up the phone right now, today?

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