Priceless and Free Coffee Scoop

As the outreach coordinator for our church, I have been collecting food donations for the past month for our Thanksgiving food drive. Donations will assist a local community organization which provides help to families in need. Little did I know that this effort would lead to another Divine diversion that would help reveal the answer to a question which had long been on my mind – where can we find the homeless population in this area? I refer to today’s Divine diversion as the free coffee scoop – read on to find out more about how God led us to the answer.

My husband and I completed the scheduled drop off of the donated food drive items earlier this week, and while at the community center, asked if any of the folks there knew where homeless populations were living in the local areas. We explained that our church was interested in doing some outreach to help the homeless and those in need. The community center folks indicated they were not aware and suggested we check with a local police municipality.

As we walked out the door, my husband noticed a coffee shop across the street. He wanted to go in to get a coffee and I suggested that we travel back closer to home to visit a coffee shop that we had recently heard about from friends. He said he didn’t want to wait and wanted to check this one out instead. So we crossed the street and went inside the coffee shop. When we walked in the door, we could see that it was a small, quaint shop with a hometown feel. There were a handful of small tables and chairs, and two big leather chairs just inside of their storefront window. We ordered our coffee and sat in the leather chairs for a few minutes. It was clear to see that just about everyone who walked in the door was a regular customer and every one seemed to know the crowd well.

As we sat there listening to their stories, we found an interesting group of people who intertwined and meshed well together with individual life and daily schedules of their own. It didn’t take long for them to join us into their conversations. God seemed to pull us into this coffee shop, for we had been looking to get information about the homeless population and other organizations in the area that our church might be able to partner with for outreach efforts. Interestingly, the conversation was leading to just the information we had been looking to find. Before we knew it, we were talking about outreach efforts. The kind folks we had just met were able to tell us where we could find homeless living in this area just a short distance from the coffee shop. Getting this information was like receiving a gift, and will provide some of the men from our church the opportunity to scope out the areas, so we can plan an outreach event to feed them and hopefully provide for their spiritual needs.

During this coffee shop visit we also met a woman who is a recently recovered addict. My husband shared a bit about his testimony with her, and she shared some of her testimony as well. It is always inspiring to meet and talk to folks who have similar testimonies. I believe that God leads us to cross paths intentionally so we may all be inspired, blessed and committed to keeping a straight path forward. He has provided us these testimonies to share and spark hope in others, and we feel blessed that God allows us now to freely share our stories without hesitation.

We were also given an opportunity to post our blog cards there on the coffee shop bulletin board, and we hope that someone finds their way to our blog, possibly recognizing our story. If this is you, please know that we were truly blessed to meet you all in that amazing coffee shop. We thank you for your cordial greetings and for the information you so willingly shared with us.

For all the rest who may be reading this, if you are new to an area or reaching out and looking for information on just about anything, check out the local coffee shop, for it holds a treasure chest full of free and priceless information. You just may find when you walk in the door that God is working there for your good as well as the good of others.

Be blessed on purpose today!

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