It’s All Good

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Our book, It’s All Good! A Story about Faith, Family and Living With and Surviving Tough Addictions, is now available on in print and e-book versions. Read on to learn how the Holy Spirit moved us to write this book for God’s glory.

In October of 2014 I began jotting down tidbits of stories in a file on my computer destined for a book. I had no real plan for how it would all come together. However, one Sunday morning, the Holy Spirit spoke to me about His plan for the book. I never knew how strongly the Holy Spirit could move an individual.  On Sunday January 25, 2015, Pastor Lawrence Williams delivered a sermon at Changed Lives Church about the Authority of our Words. He spoke of the Power that God has given us to our words. Scripture: Mark 11:24 “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Pastor Lawrence shared a personal testimony with the congregation that day. He spoke about his family being forced out of their home for 6 months due to broken water pipes and wiring not being up to code. He shared how difficult it was some days for a family of 4 to live out of a hotel room and continue to meet obligations of work, school, ministry and more. He said through all of this time, he maintained his strong FAITH and continued to show up to church each week with a smile on his face. All throughout this time he prayed and believed all would be well as if it were so already. Of course there was a wonderful blessing for their family after going through this trial. Their home was newly renovated once all was completed, blessing them with much more than they had ever asked for in prayer.

As he closed the story, my husband, Rich asked to speak. He told our Pastors and the congregation about his recollection of our Pastors coming to church throughout their trial. He commented on how they continued to meet the needs of the church. Rich said during that time he would ask Pastor Lawrence how he was doing, knowing it must have been a very difficult time. Pastor Lawrence’s response was often “It’s All Good.” Rich told the congregation, as he heard Pastor speak these words, he knew it couldn’t have been all good for his family throughout their difficult trail. Rich was amazed and impressed by Pastors’ powerful, inspiring and strong faith.

After Rich spoke that morning, Pastor Lawrence continued with a message to the congregation. He said if there are things we are praying for and they are not coming to be, possibly what we are praying for is not in God’s plan for us. Or possibly we are praying for things which are too small. Maybe God has a much greater plan for us. After the sermon, I thought of the words Rich spoke and what Pastor Lawrence had said. It was like a light bulb went off in my head. I had picked the name of our book long before I even put the first word on the page in October of 2014. I picked the name based on a plaque I had purchased for my husband about year prior. I believe that Sunday morning sermon, as well as Rich’s spoken contribution, was the result of the Holy Spirit moving them to bring a strong word direct from God to me. I felt God was pushing me to get busy finishing our book. The book is ironically titled “It’s All Good!” based on a saying written on the plaque which hangs in our kitchen. We so often have quoted it time and again since it was hung there in 2013. We purchased it soon after we first found Changed Lives Church, and accepted Jesus into our hearts.

I have prayed for so many things and people in my life and thankfully many of those prayers have been answered. However, the prayer I pray every day since coming to Changed Lives Church, is for us to be a blessing to someone “on this day.” I pray to be able to help someone in doing God’s work somehow “today.” I have started since Pastor’s sermon to pray now on a bigger scale. Pastor Lawrence helped me realize this book can be a much bigger blessing than I ever could have imagined. It could reach MANY who may not be crossing our paths on a single given day in our lives. It could be a blessing even after we have long gone from this world.

We pray others find our story inspiring and that it may spark hope for readers. We pray it and speak it as though it has already been such a blessing to MANY in Jesus’ name.  Amen!

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Thanks to all our faithful blog readers!  God bless!



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