Amazing Grace, Once Lost Now Found

God watches over those in despair every day, providing for them in amazing ways! This is a brief story of one of those people, once lost now found. Read on to see how God’s amazing grace saved a homeless man who desperately needed Him, blessing other lives as well along the way.

About 10 years ago my husband’s brother befriended a homeless man he met on the streets in our area. He was very good to him, inviting him to stay on cold nights in a garage-type building behind his home. He and his wife would often provide food for him and make sure he had necessities. Over the next couple years, he continued to bring him into this building in his backyard whenever the weather conditions were extreme. As the years went by, my husband’s brother moved to another location, losing touch with the homeless man. My husband, concerned about the welfare of this homeless man, often searched for him on the streets, but was no longer seeing him at any of his usual hangout locations. He feared something may have happened to him, praying that instead he had possibly moved on to another area.

One day about a year later, we had gone out to do some errands and spotted him walking in the opposite direction. My husband quickly turned the car around and we picked him up. He was so happy to see that his homeless friend was still around. We took him to get a meal and brought him in from the weather for several hours. My husband began to help him whenever he would see him on the streets, and eventually began to visit the homeless camp where he was living in a tent. This man would resort to searching parking lot areas hoping to find some loose change on the ground to try to save up to get a cup of coffee. He would also check the dumpster of a local store and gather expired food items they may have thrown away. He relied on these things to survive from day to day. There were other homeless folks living in tents in the same area as well. My husband would often take a couple of our camp friends to get a warm meal and coffee at a local restaurant. He would sometimes take them to get clothing at a thrift store. He began to check up on his friend routinely to make sure he was OK, because he seemed to be looking more frail each time we would see him. At some point about 6 months ago, we learned that this homeless man had been taken to the hospital by ambulance and while he was there, doctors discovered that he was highly diabetic. They were able to get his blood sugar levels down close to normal over a period of about a week’s time, but upon his discharge, he was given insulin medication prescriptions, which he was not able to administer to himself. This man is unable to hold a job or truly care for himself when it comes to taking medications, as he suffers from a schizophrenic condition that leads him to be confused at times and not be able to hold his concentration. He continued to have episodes over the next couple months of being in and out of the hospital for the same reasons and was getting very thin… looking like the pictures we see of people from other countries who are suffering from starvation. His tent conditions were getting worse as there had been storms in the area and he was basically sleeping on wet blankets many nights on the ground. After about the 4th hospital stay, my husband began talking to the social workers and trying to plead to get him into a facility, fearing that if he were to return to woods, he wouldn’t make it through another winter. He tried to get him signed up with help at local community centers in the past with no success. It’s difficult to get help for someone who has no photo ID, or address, even though it seems to us that these are the people who need the help the most. Our camp friend ended up in the hospital once more and my husband was finally able to get them to transfer him to a rehabilitation center.

Our camp friend is now in a facility where he has a bed to sleep in, a roof over his head and is fed 3 meals a day. He has access to running water and a shower whenever he wants one. He has attended our church services several times and has accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. His life has been turned around since going into this facility. We are praying that he will have a permanent home there or in an assisted living facility. He has shown much improvement and is putting on weight. It’s amazing to see the difference in him and his spirits are up as well. God is working through us and many others to help transform this man’s life, and we are honored that He has chosen us to do this important work. To God be all the glory!

2 thoughts on “Amazing Grace, Once Lost Now Found”

  1. It’s amazing how God works! We all have the ability and calling to be a blessing to others. I can attest to this story, knowing this man….and seeing the change in his life. Please keep doing what you’re doing; you truly are fishers of men. God is so good!!!

    1. Thanks for the comment Dana…we have been so blessed and honored that God is working through us… God IS Good…Amen!

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