Soul Winning to Glorify Our God!

Yesterday we had another episode of being Divinely diverted which I MUST share. It never ceases to amaze me how God can orchestrate everyone to play just the right roles to make things come together in such a a beautiful way! Who knew there would be soul winning in our midst when we set out in the morning?!

I was working from home and my husband headed out earlier in the day to do some outreach and visit one of our homeless friends, who is now in the Rehabilitation Center. At some point he must have been diverted from his scheduled plan, and ended up taking another homeless friend to a local Farmers Market, where he could get him breakfast – this is also a huge flea market with many vendors who show up on Thursdays. My husband called me mid-afternoon saying he was bringing 2 of his homeless friends home with him for dinner (along with a couple pizzas, and fresh produce from the farmers market). I was a little nervous about this knowing it was Thursday, and we typically attend the weekly Bible Study at Changed Lives Church. It has become very important to me to be there to take in as much of God’s word as I can in my desire to learn more about the scriptures and grow closer to God. I reminded him of the Bible Study on the phone call.

My husband and his friends arrived to the house shortly after his call. I made a salad and cut up some watermelon. After we had dinner, my husband asked our friends if they would like to join us at the Bible Study that evening. One of them said “no thanks,” and the other said “sure.” So we dropped one off on the way, and the other tagged along with us.

Our Pastor delivered a great teaching message at the Bible Study that evening, as usual! God sure is working through our Pastors. In talking to many of our church members, it’s obvious we all hear and understand the teachings clearly and are very touched by these messages every week.

After the Pastor finished speaking, my husband had asked our friend how he felt about Jesus Christ. In those moments which followed, he brought him and the Pastor out to a more private area and the Pastor proceeded to pray with our friend. Our friend accepted Jesus into his heart that night and it was such a blessing to us all!!

This seemingly abrupt interruption in our normal schedules, turned out to be a Divine diversion for sure for our friend, as well as our Pastor and those in the Bible study. God surely is working through us all every day!

Feeling Blessed! …. Sue

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