Standing in Faith and Moving Forward

The phrase “standing in faith and moving forward” can seem almost like an oxymoron if you think of the words literally. We have been repeatedly assured, however, that if you stand strong in your faith in God, He will let you know everything is going to be just fine as you are taking small steps to move forward. Isn’t it wonderful to know just how much God loves you, how He is ever present, and how he watches over you every day? Read on for one great example in today’s story. This post was inspired by a recent event that was leaving us feeling hopeless and wondering how we could help in a particular outreach situation.
Upon our return from vacation, my husband went out the next morning looking for some of his camp (homeless) friends to see how they were doing. We had been away for a couple weeks and he wanted to check to see that they were all doing OK. He called me to say that he didn’t see any of them at their usual fast food meeting place. He did, however, run into a person he had never met who seemed to be homeless, and began a conversation with him asking if he had seen any of the others. This man told him that something had happened to one of our specific camp friends, but didn’t have more details to share.  Rich was upset to hear this news and called me to inform me. We felt so badly and were not sure how we would or could find out more about him. We were sad to realize we may not get to ever know what happened, except through the “rumor mill.” We both prayed for his health and welfare.

In the mean time I had been planning to go to the post office on my lunch break from work to pickup the mail they had been holding for us during our vacation. As it turned out, my plans were delayed since I had to handle a priority incident for my job and was unable to take my normal lunch break. After the incident was cleared, I headed to the post office a bit late and, knowing I would have to be quick, decided to take a shortcut through a residential section off the main road.
After turning into the section, I spotted a man on a bike and as I got closer, recognized him as our camp friend. This was the friend we were so concerned about due to the news we heard earlier in the day.
I rolled down the window to speak with him briefly, asking if he was OK and he indicated that he was fine. It was such a relief and a blessing to know he was OK. I called my husband to let him know and he was relieved as well.
If The Holy Spirit hadn’t diverted me from my schedule, I most likely would not have been at the right place to know our camp friend was doing fine! It’s always amazing to me to see that God knows what we need and He provides it just in time. We are so grateful for answered prayers. Feeling blessed

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