Living With and Surviving Tough Addictions

“It’s All Good! A story about Faith, Family, and Living With and Surviving Tough Addictions ”– is the title of our new book, which is coming soon!

After a long history of living with and surviving alcohol, gambling and prescription drug addictions, my husband and I had been receiving subtle messages over the past few years from many folks who crossed our paths on a daily basis. We often seemed to be drawn to these people and would all share our testimonies. Most of the messages could be translated the same way, “Wow, you should write a book!” Not being a writer up to this point in my life with the exception of technical “how to” documentation, I had always shrugged these messages off thinking authoring a book would be a huge and overwhelming task. Soon, however, I began noticing books everywhere I went – in waiting rooms, on coffee tables, in coffee shops, at conferences – many of which were collections of short stories or journal entries. Thinking of them as a series of small stories was a less overwhelming task and possibly something I could do, so I began to jot down short, one page stories of events in our lives surrounding the addictions. Even though I began to jot these down, and had accumulated about 15 of them, I still was not convinced that I could write an entire book.

One Sunday morning, our Pastor’s sermon seemed to bring a message direct to me to get moving on the project God was calling me to finish – a project that had the potential to help many others. He delivered this sermon not knowing I was writing these stories, so it touched me personally as a message direct from God.

On that day I began a mission to finish documenting the addictions, how they have impacted our lives, and how we have learned to overcome them with the help of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. We have finished writing the book and are currently in the stages of getting it published. When I think back to all the many times I felt writing the book was such an overwhelming task, it is amazing to me what we can accomplish through Christ who gives us strength. He surely has given us the strength to finish this book, and to write it with total openness and honesty.

When we look back, it is plain for us to see now that God has been with us through all of our lives. It is, however, a painful thought to remember that there were many times of hopelessness and despair along the way when we did not live with Jesus in our hearts, nor did we realize He was by our side. We are excited to share our story and what we have learned, believing that it may spark hope in those who may be going through similar situations with addictions in their families, who may be feeling that same hopelessness and despair.

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