The Holy Spirit is Ever Present

It has been a few weeks since we posted our latest blog story. We have not written any new stories these past few weeks because our family has experienced a sad event, and sorrowful loss. Our hearts have been very heavy during this time, so we have been focusing on faith and family. While we have been going through these days wishing we could be geographically closer and more helpful to our grieving family during this time, our other family members and friends have been so dedicated to lifting us all in prayer for strength through this trial. We are grateful to all of our family and friends for their prayers… prayers which are being answered by God each day. Even though the documenting of the Divine diversion stories have taken a break on this website, the Holy Spirit is ever present and has been every week while the diversions continued throughout this time.

A couple Divine diversions in particular come instantly to mind when I begin to recall His presence. Last Thursday we had been invited to attend a gathering which we typically attend every year. We were getting ready to leave the house, when my husband seemed to be having a strong tugging on his heart to ride by and check on his homeless camp friends. After checking, he found one of them to be at the camp and began a conversation with him, during which it seemed obvious that he was somewhat depressed. My husband made a decision to bring him to our house to get him out of the weather for a bit and give him something to eat. This visit pushed our attendance to the annual gathering back by a couple hours, however, we both agree that this was what God wanted us to do on that evening in order to show love, and help provide for someone less fortunate than us, even if just for a short while. Our visitor stayed for a couple hours and was very grateful for the visit. He could not thank us enough, and we felt blessed to be able to provide a Divine diversion for him as well that evening.

On a second occurrence just the other day, we left the house about 3:30pm to take a quick drive to the post office to mail several bills. I expected to be gone for 30 minutes or less. We were however Divinely diverted when, after going to the post office, my husband decided to drive past the local fast food restaurant to see if any of his homeless friends might be there. It was extremely cold outside and he was concerned for them. As it turned out there were a few of his camp friends there. We offered to buy food for them, and bought them some hot drinks. My husband sparked a conversation with a man, who told him he was trying to stay warm waiting in the fast food restaurant. He was watching for the time when the bus from a local organization was scheduled to arrive to the parking area to pick-up folks and take them to a church sponsored dinner. He feared, however, that he missed the bus and would not make it to the church for the meal. We had made a previous commitment to pick-up one of our sisters in Christ who was joining us at a prayer meeting that evening. If we opted to drive this man to the dinner at the hosting church in a total opposite direction, we would be cutting it very close. We had a decision to make, however, after considering the temperature outside at 11 degrees and a wind-chill of about 3 degrees or less, it was an easy decision to make, knowing this man would have an opportunity to be out of the weather for several hours and would be served a warm meal. So we drove him to the church, making sure he was safe inside where the meal was being served, then headed back to our pick-up and prayer meeting and we made it there just in time.

Being Divinely diverted from our plans to return home, left us with a hectic schedule to make it to the prayer meeting without dinner, however, unlike our homeless camp friends, we knew we would be able to get something to eat when we left the prayer meeting. Unfortunately, most times they never know where or when they will get their next meal. It is sad to think of them in the bitter temperatures struggling to survive every day with so much uncertainty.

Even though our efforts may seem small, we still find it amazing to realize that listening carefully for God’s voice and asking Him each day to fill us with the Holy Spirit for guidance results in moving so many of us where he needs us to be, just as chess pieces are moved so strategically, in order to execute a great plan. It is always such a blessing to us when we can look back on the day, knowing we are doing God’s work on this earth as He guides our steps in all of our Divine diversions.

We look forward to the many episodes to come and hope you may be able to see the blessings in your daily diversions as well. If you have a similar story, please comment and share it by clicking on the comment section below. Also, click to subscribe to our blog to be notified when new stories become available here on our website.

Feeling blessed!

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