Two Recovered Alcoholics Discover Testimonial Tools

It has become obvious to us in the past few months that we are used for God’s purpose, as are many who have struggled in life through tough trials. Many drug addicts and alcoholics discover testimonial tools that help them to stay on a straight path forward. Sharing life stories (or testimonies) certainly is helpful to others going through similar circumstances, and is exactly what God intends for us to do.

Several weeks ago, we went out to get something to eat and couldn’t decide where we wanted to go. My husband said he wanted to get a good cup of coffee after eating, so I suggested we go to a specific restaurant, which is right next to Starbucks. At first he said he didn’t want to go there, so we drove around for at least 30 minutes, coming back around in a complete circle and ending up back at the original restaurant. We went inside to eat, and while having dinner, we overheard a Christian man speaking with one of the servers who was on her break. She kept looking over at my husband and me, while this man was talking to her, seeming to want to talk with us. After the man left the restaurant, she got up and walked in our direction. We said hello to her and she sat down at our table. My husband began to ask her about the Christian man that was speaking to her, and that sparked a conversation between them. She said he was from a local church in the area. We believe she may have been drawn to us by the scar my husband has on his head from the traumatic brain injury which he suffered in 2005.

This meeting turned out to be the result of a Divine diversion for sure, as the timing would have been off if we had not driven around for 30 minutes before going into the restaurant.

My husband shared his testimony with her about his past alcohol and drug addictions, as well as his resulting traumatic brain injury. She shared with us her testimony as well. She had been through so much already in her young life. Her father committed suicide right in front of her when she was only a young child. This was devastating to her and drove her into an alcohol addiction at a very young age in her attempts to escape the harsh realities and memory of her father’s suicide. She had no interests in school or hobbies and her grades were failing. She eventually attempted suicide herself and was rushed to the hospital where she almost died.

After this near death experience, she found Jesus and He helped her to turn her life completely around. Even though she still has painful memories of her father, she has been delivered from the chains of her alcohol addiction, knowing that God is her strength and is with her always.

King James Bible: Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me”

What an amazing story she told us about how she went from failing grades before her suicide attempt to becoming an “A” student and Valedictorian of her senior class at graduation. She is currently attending college and is also engaged to be married to a very nice young man whom she met during her recovery. We were so happy for her after hearing her testimony, knowing just how far God has brought her from those dark days of her alcohol addiction.

We all were amazed to realize just how God is using us to bless others, and others to bless us as well!

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