Unwanted Items Equal Meals for the Needy

Today’s blog story was prompted by a visit to a local thrift store that serves as a fundraising venue for a mission which feeds homeless and needy families. I will explain how this Divine diversion came about for me in more detail below. If you have unwanted items that you plan to dispose of in your trash collection cycles, please consider that in God’s formula your unwanted items equal meals for the needy. Read on to see how this formula plays out.

I had been collecting some items to dispose of or donate to a local thrift store and planned to drop them off for quite some time. One recent morning, my husband decided he would take them to the local food bank and/or church outreach to see if they would take them. In the mean time, I was working at my job, and told him I had to drop off some Fed X shipments just before my lunch break. As it happened, both of the places he went to that morning were not open on this day to collect donations. He headed home and walked in the door just as I was about to head out to drop off my packages. I suggested that we take the items for donation to a thrift store we visited a few times before which collects donated items and sells them to fund a soup kitchen which provides meals for the homeless and families in need.

This surely was a Divine diversion because I only intended to drop off Fed X packages, but seemed to be diverted to the thrift shop. We went to drop off the items and as we began to talk to the nice young woman who works there, I said it was hard sometimes to decide if items should just be trashed or donated. She said “Do not trash them! Think of it like this: we can feed a person a meal at the mission for $1.97, so if I sell $20 worth of items, I am feeding a meal to 10 people! If I sell a set of furniture for $100 I am feeding a meal to 50 people!” This was an eye opener for us. My husband and I have donated items to this thrift shop in the past, but never realized they can feed a person a meal for $1.97. It also gives me a new perspective on those who are shopping at the store to buy items. It helps them get gently used items at a much discounted rate, while at the same time, feeding scores of needy people. They provide you with a receipt for the items you donated so you can use the donation as a tax deduction as well.

If you are cleaning out your closet or storage spaces, and find you have unwanted items, search for a thrift shop that funds a food shelter in your area. These stores and food missions are run by dedicated people who are doing the work of our amazing God. You can help with this Godly outreach by donating your items to them. When you do, you will feel blessed knowing that you are helping to feed many in need Why not bless and be blessed on purpose today?!

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